A pallet knife may not have been what came to mind when I said “take the plunge”, but hear me out. It’s  a wonderful time to be alive! There is so much art out there, so much creativity in so many ways. You can be both encouraged and discouraged by all those dazzling videos on the internet. What do I mean? You can create cakes, quilts, paintings, stained glass, needlepoint, wreathes, journals, cards, cartoons, knitting, jewelry and more…just stroll through your local Hobby Lobby and get inspired or get overwhelmed. Yes, overwhelmed. Often, people see something beautiful and it inspires them, lights a fire in them, but the “critical parent” inside thinks, “I could never do that, I won’t even try.” 

If that’s ever happened to you, just remember what the great artist Henri Matisse said:

creativity takes courage

So here is my advice for the Creativity Takes Courage Plunge:

  • “Beginning is half way there.” Take a workshop, take a class. That’s just what I did a week ago with a wonderful palette knife artist Diane Stoker (sorry folks, she doesn’t have a website). Palette knives are prickly things to work with, especially in oil, and I was anxious to learn some new approaches, as I’ve only worked with acrylic paint.

creativity takes courage (palette knife)

  • Choose the right teacher – easy going, relaxed, and accepting, no drill sergeants. Diane had a very encouraging teaching approach. Make sure you like what he or she creates.

creativity takes courage (diane with pallet knife)


creativity takes courage (diane stoker painting)

  • Expect to be challenged. Diane’s style is loose, fast and impressionistic. My method of working is usually slow and detailed. Boy, it was tough! But I learned so much and I learned that I could do it!

creativity takes courage (laura at workshop)

  • Be prepared to make plenty of mistakes. Perfection cannot be had in an afternoon.

Have fun! Be a child, enjoy the process. You’re not making a masterpiece, you’re learning. Like learning to walk, learning to ride a bike, learning to ski—you’re going to fall down a lot. Just be prepared to laugh and get back up!

Here for your viewing pleasure are two of my learning experiences. Thanks Diane, I can’t believe I was able to produce two paintings in one afternoon. It certainly was a challenging and rewarding achievement! 

creativity takes courage (pink palette posie)

pallet knife (yellow palette posies)

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15 ESV 


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