What is the freedom of an inner Dale and why would you want it? Some of you may have read Michelle’s blog on the Keller family visit to the Chihuly Museum in St. Petersburg, FL . Dale Chihuly’s glorious glass sculptures are truly mesmerizing.

Sometimes when we experience a giant in the arts, literature, sports, etc. and it can be daunting, overwhelming and just plain discouraging. After all, they are SOOOOOOOOOO talented. Often we concentrate on the end product: the perfect book, the perfect play that saved the game, the exquisite masterpiece. And we don’t realize all the mental and physical fear that goes into that perfect end result.

We think this genius talent is beyond our reach, it’s a bit overwhelming. But it can be motivating if you challenge yourself.

When my stepdaughter Lee and I went to visit the Chihuly Museum, I was incredibly impressed with the immense freedom Dale displayed in hundreds upon hundreds of drawings. It was wild watching him work in the museum film. He worked with great abandon!


I kept wondering, would it be possible to emulate the inner freedom and joy that Dale exhibited? Before our trip to the museum, I thought it would be fun to paint with Lee. When I introduced the idea to her, I got the impression that she didn’t think it would be all that much fun. But one of the things I treasure about Lee is her bravery and fun loving attitude. 

If you’ve read our blog for long, you know that we believe that everyone is creative, designed to design and created by a creative God. We are all brimming with potential that sometimes is trapped under rubble of fear and self doubt. So, after we returned from our museum visit, I adopted a phrase for myself and Lee. “Put on your inner Dale.”

We decided on a where (in her office), a color scheme (calm, but energizing). Then, with some trepidation, Lee went at it! I loved the freedom she showed in stretching herself.

So for all of you that have a desire to do something different, and need a little freedom, “Put on your inner Dale.” It’s healthy to put yourself in new situations. Especially when they can turn out to be so rewarding!


Dona Pearson · November 8, 2019 at 10:12 am

What fun! Lee did really good – love the vibrant colors. Her inner Dale shown bright!
Thanks for sharing.

Peggy Hopper · November 11, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Wild and free! Just the way I remember you, Lee. I love it!

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