Count the stitches! Are you confused yet? I’m writing about a total, absolute surprise that my husband and I received from a lovely friend.

count the love

Peg Hoobler spent a year and thousands of stitches and in a way, saying, “I love you, you are special, I’ve dedicated my time and thoughts to our friendship by designing and making this quilt especially for you both.” At least that’s how I felt when she gave us this beautiful work of art.

count the love

We have a king size bed. It’s big, and higher off the floor than normal and the quilt is perfect. There are thousands, yes, thousands of tiny “in-out” stitches, beautifully hand done. The design was created just for us, as we love bamboo (especially Ken) so there are special bamboo sections that she collected over time. Wow!

count the love

Better yet, this quilt is Peggy’s 147th quilting gift! Imagine receiving one of Peg’s special designs. She said what she enjoys the most is when people say, “You made it just for me.”

count the love

What? Yes, she has made a lifestyle of giving, surprising and delighting those around her with her quilts and really with her love.

Truly it is the “Art of Encouragement” in action! …and love in action.

Are you awestruck yet? I am.  You probably know the poem, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Imagine the love, the stitches and the difficulty it takes to create and then to give it away.

count the love

What can you count?

You may be writing, sewing, painting, care-taking, but in whatever you are doing, do it with love and gratitude in your heart. Giving of yourself, your talents, your time, is, in many ways, honoring the gifts God has given you.

During this Thanksgiving weekend, where everything seems “over the top” and everyone is making a special point to give thanks, think about how you can develop a lifestyle of love, giving and gratitude every day.

Stop and spend a minute in silence, tell the Father that You do love Him and take time to count the ways. I’d love to hear if you’ve had a special person who honored you in your life.


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