Do you have an art lover for whom you need to get a gift? Sure, you could get something bland and randomly “artsy”. But what if you could get a one-of-a-kind never-to-be-forgotten gift? This season, bring joy and delight to the art lover you love. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started. And yes, I realize this blog post sounds a bit like an infomercial, but, well….artists do have to make a living, and you need to buy gifts. So think of this post as the answer to your gift buying dilemma 🙂

For the home of your Art Lover

And by home, I don’t mean only art to hang on the wall. How about a throw pillow to brighten up that drab couch? Or add some pizazz to the bathroom with a custom shower curtain? Wait, what? You can get art on a shower curtain? Of course you can! Trying to stick to a smaller budget? A beautiful coffee mug is the perfect solution. Laura surprised me with a mug several years ago, and it has quickly become my favorite coffee mug! The possibilities are endless  – towels, duvet covers, blankets, oh my!

gifts for the art lover's home
mugs, pillows, curtain, fleece blankets, duvet covers and more available at

For the office of your art lover

There’s no need to use a drab notebook, when you can have an amazing art notebook. You could even coordinate notebooks, greeting cards, phone cases, and battery chargers. Imagine the delight of working in a space, whether at home or away, that is filled with beautiful art. The everyday monotony that “work” can be suddenly is filled with quality pieces of artwork that bring joy in the midst of our work.

gifts for the art lover's office
notebooks, greeting cards, phone covers, battery chargers, and more available at

For the playtime of your art lover

“All work and no play” makes your art lover dull, we know that! So why not bring some art gifts into play time as well? Going away for the weekend? How about a weekender bag or a carry all pouch? Is a trip to the beach on the schedule for this holiday season? You can be the envy of all the other beach goers with stunning beach towels and tote bags. Maybe yoga is more your speed – pick up a restfully crafted yoga mat. The possibilities are endless!

gifts for the art lover's play
tote bags, weekender bags, carry all pouches, beach towels, yoga mats, and more available at

For the walls of your art lover

Just because art on the wall is the “normal” location doesn’t mean it’s not a great gift idea! A carefully chosen piece of art for the home is a gift that will last for generations to come. Whether you select a framed work to hang in a more formal space, a canvas print for a more casual feel, or even a metal or wood print for the more eclectic among us, art lovers love art and will be thrilled with your gift.

gift for the art lover's walls

For the heart of your art lover

Perhaps the most unique option for your art lover is a personalized painting. Laura loves to create commissioned art. Whether it’s from a photo of a loved one, or a cherished pet, or even a special place, a painting designed just for your loved one will be cherished forever. Commissioned art becomes a family heirloom and a valued legacy. Contact Laura today to begin making your special art memory.

happy ending 2, art lover collectors

So how will you delight the art lover in your life? Or maybe you are the art lover…in that case, feel free to share and forward this post and provide some helpful suggestions to the gift givers in your life!

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