Some of you might be surprised that creating as an activity was God’s idea. God so wanted the world to know that He is the author of creativity that He arranged it to be the first sentence in the Bible.


Lots of people think God has nothing to do with creativity, but that can’t be. Look at the beauty and diversity of nature and see how in love God is with different forms of creativity.

It’s mind boggling to think that we are all made in the image of God. I only have to look at other people to see how many facets of his creative personality we exemplify. Every individual is so beautiful and special and we are all made in  His image. 

You are God’s design! 


I’ve talked to plenty of people who think that creativity is a mysterious mix of gifting, a sort of “you have it or you don’t” trait. Some people, like Beethoven and Einstein are clearly talented geniuses. However, most of us have creative inclinations that we either don’t recognize or haven’t explored.  

It’s good to have a home that cultivates creativity. We did. Here is a picture of my sister Leesa (the red head) and me when we were growing up. I know you can guess what we were up to!


My mother made mosaic tables and my dad was a jazz drummer on the weekends. Our home was full of all varieties of creativity!


Yet for me, very little of my creativity came forth throughout my teen and early adult years. Once I really understood how special I was to God, I started to explore all He had made me to be. How could I not? God sacrificed His son for me, and made me His own. He was waiting to help me unearth the creativity that had been buried for so long. 

Creative expression comes in many forms. My brother likes to say that he has two sisters, “one that paints with paint and the other that paints with words.” His comments are so true. But these talents didn’t come about by getting a lightning bolt from God. 

We just celebrated Leesa’s 60th birthday and she is the Editor in Chief of a dynamic site, dedicated to liberty and freedom.


Many of you know that I didn’t start drawing and painting until I was 59!

When I embrace the idea that I am created in His image and there is no one like me, then I don’t have to compete, or be perfect or unsatisfied with myself. I have freedom because no one who knows who God made them to be would ever want to be anyone else.

Walking with God is a journey; creatively enabling Him to lead us to new places and new things is a journey. God is interested in the process and the relationship we can have together. 

That is why I am challenged to step into who God made me to be. It is one of the greatest privileges in life to explore all He has made you to be and I challenge you to dialogue with Him about your creativity.

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