When was the last time you took in an art festival? Each Friday on our Facebook page and our Instagram feed, we run a feature called “FunFriday” (#FunFriday) and we highlight an art event in various cities in the US. Frequently, these events are local art festivals. We feature the cities where our subscribers live, so if you’d like your city to be part of FunFriday, please do subscribe to our newsletter!

Why should you attend an art festival? Allow me to suggest three reasons:

An art festival brings friends together

You don’t need to go to the festival alone. Grab some friends and make it a girls night out. Bring your spouses and make it a date night. Or you can even bring the whole family. Most art festivals are held in parks or cute downtown areas that provide plenty of space for picnics and fun.

Winter Park Art Festival picnic
My family and another family enjoy the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. We came prepared with food, drinks, books, games, and great conversation.

Browsing at an art festival is free

Yes, art can be expensive. While I have argued that it is more than worth the investment, I recognize that we are not always at a place where we can afford art. Thus the beauty of a festival. You can wander the exhibits without buying. What a fabulous opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of art and artists!

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival
Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

You might just meet an artist

Artists come to art festivals. They are in their booths, displaying their art, eager to talk with you. Go ahead, ask them why they create what they create. Point out things you especially admire. Most artists are happy to explain their work and their creative process.

At the festival we recently attended, they display not just professional artists, but art from local schools as well. We happened to discover a work on display by our favorite artist.

So check out the local art festivals in your area. Be sure to follow us on social media and stop by one of our FunFriday events. When you do, leave us a picture and a comment with your story!


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