Winter Park Art Festival, student art

3 Reasons to take in an Art Festival

When was the last time you took in an art festival? Each Friday on our Facebook page and our Instagram feed, we run a feature called “FunFriday” (#FunFriday) and we highlight an art event in various cities in the US. Frequently, these events are local art festivals. We feature the […]

© Laura Gabel, “Reflections”. Acrylic and oil, 5x7. Private collection.

5 Gifts for the Art Lover

Do you have an art lover for whom you need to get a gift? Sure, you could get something bland and randomly “artsy”. But what if you could get a one-of-a-kind never-to-be-forgotten gift? This season, bring joy and delight to the art lover you love.  Here are a few ideas […]

© Laura Gabel, "Winter with My Lover". Charcoal, 10 x 12. Private collection.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

We wanted to say “thank you;” oh, and “Merry Christmas” too. We are both taking some time off around the holidays, so there won’t be a blog post next week. But we didn’t want to go without saying “Thank you.” This past year has been a year of much change. […]