Several weeks ago I was fortunate to view Lyn’s artwork at a regional art show “Art a La Carte” benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Hernando County. I was stunned by the originality and beauty of nature captured by Lyn’s work and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of her with one of her creations.

The Nature of Things, Lyn Novak Hise

Truly, Lyn’s work is stunning but because the paintings are created on copper, the photos just don’t do them justice. Check out the audio of my interview with Lyn, you’ll want to hear it all, because it is so very inspiring.

agapanthus purple  12 x 16 inches $175.00 by Lyn Novak Hise
agapanthus purple 12 x 16 inches $175.00

Here are a few highlights from our time together and what I’ve learned from Lyn:

Be Inspired! Lyn loves the natural world, that’s why her art is called “The Nature of Things” Her paintings enhance the wonder of the created world. For me, the peace and serenity in her compositions enable me to see nature in a different light.

fern golden leaves 10x18 $185.00
by Lyn Novak Hise
fern golden leaves 10×18 $185.00

Be Inventive! Lyn developed her technique and actually uses an old gas grill to heat the copper. In my audio interview she speaks about the fact that each copper “canvas” comes out differently and allows her artistic imagination to flow. 

Be Persistent! Lyn experimented and is still in the process of trying new and different ways to express nature’s beauty. She enjoys the journey. She’s been working with copper for at least 16 years and is still fascinated by its qualities and what she can do with it. 

Be Genuine! In my conversation with Lyn I was struck by her love for those who love art, not just her patrons but those who stop by her booth and can appreciate the loveliness of each work. Her dedication to making people happy in seeing her work is admirable.

Be Playful! Lyn mentioned that she is never sure what’s going to happen as she heats the copper and paints what is in her mind’s eye. She finds it exciting to develop the vision of each painting individually. Lyn’s advice, “We have to keep filling our own well.”

umbrella grass without rain 12x24 $325.00 by Lyn Novak Hise
umbrella grass without rain 12×24 $325.00

Be Decisive! A life changing time with her mom enabled Lyn to realize that she needed to do what she loved. She left her job in graphics management and decided she would pursue her artistic vision through art shows. As Lyn explained, she can’t paint over her pieces like many artists do, so she has a one time shot at making it beautiful. So it’s tough to stay in touch with that inner vision.

Be Determined & Brave! Four years ago Lyn lost one of her eyes through a devastating health crisis. Her words: “You make it work.” For an artist to lose an eye is a life changing event that could make or break you. Yet in my conversation with Lyn never once did I sense self pity, anger or resentment. She constantly is retraining herself to see things.

2 trees 12x24 $300.00 by Lyn Novak Hise
2 trees 12×24 $300.00

Be Grateful! Lyn told me she doesn’t have “bad days” and she doesn’t think of the “should a, would a, could a’s.” Our interviewed displayed inner strength and a go-for-it attitude.

fern + 1 10x18 $180.00 by Lyn Novak Hise
fern + 1 10×18 $180.00

I encourage you to listen to our interview here

Audio Interview with Lyn Novak Hise

Lyn accepts commissions as well. You can find Lyn on her FaceBook page. Contact her by email: or Call: 352-344-8321 

Please let Lyn know how much you’ve enjoyed looking at her paintings!


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