Lily 1


© Laura Gabel, “Lily 1”. 10×20, oil. $400.

A singular full red lily jumps off the canvas on this beautiful new waterscape. Drawing inspiration from Monet and his water lily paintings, this serene painting will delight art lovers of all walks of life. The soft blues of the water provide the perfect foil to the vibrant color of the flower itself. This serene painting brings a moment of peace and clarity in the midst of our daily bustle.


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© Laura Gabel, “Lily 1”. 10×20, oil. $400.

The painting will be shipped in a rigid box, via first-class mail, upon verification of payment.

Satisfaction is guaranteed–money refunded–please contact me with any problem–it will be quickly resolved to your satisfaction. New buyers welcome. International buyers welcome but destination shipping will be charged, please give me your city, country information below for quote.



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