When Nature Coast Art League put out an announcement that Salishan, a retirement community welcomed artists to display their paintings, I decided I wanted to go.

Preparing for an art show is hard work! Deciding which paintings to take, pricing tags, packing the paintings (you can’t just throw them in the backseat of the car), hauling the display equipment (which is heavy), deciding what you’ll put on the table for people to take home; I get tired just writing all that! Anyway, I’ve got a checklist now which can help the next time around. Also I had help! I definitely recommend help in any big project you may be doing. There is nothing like an extra set of legs, arms, and brains. My husband always says that many hands make the work grow lighter. My work of set up and take down was lightened by my husband, brother-in-law Tom and good friend Joy.

Salishan, in Spring Hill Florida is an absolutely lovely place. 

art show community

They put the artists right in the atrium area, so wonderful, filled with light! My contact was the lovely Ana Raposo, Activity Coordinator. You’ll be seeing pictures of Ana in my next post.

art show community


art show community

Once set up was completed, I introduced myself to another artist, Bob Grant. His daughter was visiting and helped him with the set up. (She is a behind Bob in the picture). What a talented guy! He does beautiful work in acrylic; his horses are superb! It’s always wonderful to visit and learn from another artist.

art show community

Here is a short 2 minute audio interview I did with Bob, it’s quite inspirational!
Learn how Bob started at 6 and got his painting back 20 some years later. Let me encourage you through Bob–it’s never too late to do whatever divine dream has been put into your heart. Bob doesn’t have a website up, but you can contact him at 352-515-5263, he accepts commission work.

art show community

Now, some people might say, “why go to a retirement living center to show your work?” After all, these folks are divesting themselves of their posessions not looking to buy art. 

As for me, I was enriched by their community. I was blessed and encouraged by Bob and his daughter.  The staff at Salishan, especially Ana and Steve Wilkins were gracious and helpful. The residents were complimentary and in many cases fascinated by my work. I, in turn, was captivated by some of their stories too. My good friend Pam always says that people are God’s currency. People are stimulating, they stimulate ideas.  Community enriches all of us. I could tell the folks living at Salishan were happy. There was an air of “niceness” about their home; a community that encourages interaction, activity and art! What could be better?

During my time there I demontrated a painting, which caused lots of questions and interest. In my next post you’ll learn more about the demo and see pictures of the winner too!

art show community

In the meantime, I’d love to hear about “your community” and what enriches you. Leave me a note in the comments – I read every one.


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