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  • original painting

    Arizona Longings: Drama Queen

    © Laura Gabel, “Arizona Longings: Drama Queen”. 5×7 framed to 13×16, mixed media. $250.

    In her final series of Arizona Longings, Laura has deftly captured the drama of the desert landscape. The sharp contrast of rocky peak with the rainbow theater of the sky provide the perfect final encore to this dynamic series.

  • original painting

    Hope in the Desert

    © Laura Gabel, “Hope in the Desert”. 5×7 framed to 13×16, mixed media. $250.

    The desert is often viewed as a hostile wilderness. A place where nothing grows and you certainly don’t want to find yourself. But in the midst of what appears barren, hope waits. And at just the right time, explodes forth in beauty and splendor. May the fragile …