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  • original painting

    Mad Max with Poppies – SOLD

    © Laura Gabel, “Mad Max with Poppies”.  Acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10. Private collection. 

    In her second foray into using a pallet knife, Laura has brought to life yet another feisty rooster. The brilliance of his cockscomb is matched only by the cockiness of his eye. What mischief is he about as he roams through the poppy field? Bring home …

  • original painting

    Rooster 1 – SOLD

    © Laura Gabel, “Rooster 1”. Acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10.  Private collection.

    Utilizing a knife instead of a brush lends a deep, rich texture to this fowl friend. Each knife stroke emphasizes the luxuriously rich plumage of this charming rooster. His brilliantly colored feathers stand in sharp contrast to the pale background, causing him to shine all the more glorious. …