These pears started a dialogue in my head as I was painting! The pear in the front (foreground) just seem to “muscle in” for first place.  However, the last pear in the background seemed to be sitting up straight and lovely, almost happy. 

The title “Me First” was born. Do you have the “Me First” syndrome? Of course you do, admit it! Even if you’re shy or the one that hangs back. You, like me, have the gene that says self is the most important thing. Much of our lives are spent being dominated by what we want and what we think will make us happy. Soon what you have, may end up taking first place. Your identity becomes fused and confused by your possessions. They possess you and me! 

Year ago I heard Henri Nouwen speak on “I am my house, I am my social club, I am my job.” It was a totally memorable talk and impacted my life for the better. You can see it here.

I want to encourage you to develop your identity in the solid things in life: God, family, and being a person with a servant’s heart. How do you want to be remembered–by your jewelry, by your car, or by those you loved and spent time with? Be the pear in the background! Have you had a “Me First” approach or identity crisis, let me know.

Before I paint, I study, think and work out the design and the approach. This still life has texture and gold flecks in certain places. It ($395.00) is strikingly framed in black with a green suede mat,  making it 13 1/2″ x 13 1/2″. Pastel image size is 7 x 7. 

A perfect reminder that being first isn’t the most satisfying place to live. 




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