I’m always surprised at the variety of responses I get about a painting. The lovely and frustrating thing about creating art is that it evolves, takes on a life of it’s own. Take “GG”, which is short for “Golden Girl” this was my name for her all the way through the painting process.

GG1I was fixated on the golden light as I painted. Light and shadows always create a dynamic composition. The tension of taking a flat piece of paper and turning it into something that gives the viewer a sense of life is very exciting and mystifying! Andrew Hemingway, a British artist said: “What we know is interesting, but what we don’t know is even more interesting.” (You can see his works here.)

Anyway, GG lives and breathes on paper so to speak and creates different reactions from different people: “she looks sad, she’s beautiful, she’s focused on something that is disturbing, she’s wondering, she looks so grave for a child.” 

Really, GG is just a snapshot in time that makes us think. Now, we have busy December upon us, but I encourage you to take time to think, to ponder on the mysteries of life, the meaning and purpose of your existence. We see in GG the many mysteries of ourselves. What do you see in her?



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