Here’s a little mini-blog about our return. As many of you know, we took a couple months off from blogging, art, the website, and a good a many other things. Laura’s beloved husband, Ken, passed away suddenly on Jun 28, 2018, and her life has been forever altered.

studio 5, return 1 Ken and laura

Ken was a man who appeared quiet and reserved, but he was also a man of amazing heart and a deep devotion to Laura, but even more, to Christ. I didn’t know Ken as well as many others did, but every time I spoke with him, his love and care for Laura were so evident. He was a humble servant of others, and his death has left a great hole in so many lives.

And yet, we must find a way to keep going. So it is time for us to return to the blog. We will (hopefully) resume our weekly routine of writing about art, life, and other things. We’d love to hear from you what you are interested in reading about. Drop us a comment below – Michelle, in particular, is always looking for good blog ideas.

no name post, return 2, the thinker

“The Thinker”, August Rodin, bronze.


It is also time to return to painting. Laura has picked up some works that have been in progress for awhile, has finished some others, and is starting some new ones. Be on the lookout for those paintings to be introduced in coming blogs.

return, in progress

And it is time to return to the website. When we launched this site in 2015, Michelle had never built a website, and Laura was her willing guinea pig. It’s time for a bit of a facelift on the site. Don’t worry, this one will stay up and running until the new one is ready to launch. So keep your eyes open for the unveiling of the new and improved site.

One final note on our return. We are so very blessed and thankful for all the support, prayers, and encouragement from so many of you. You reached out through phone calls, cards, facebook, emails, and countless other ways. Thank you for your love and concern. We’re glad to be back!



Michael Sadelson · October 1, 2018 at 6:29 pm

I miss Ken as well as you. I know Ken is with the Lord and looking down on us watching over. I had a wonderful time working for you both over the time that I lived in Shady Hills. Now I am living in Seminole County Fl. Near Orlando. I have a neat job in which I work inside of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS building for them thru another company. I can’t go into in detail.

    Michelle · October 2, 2018 at 7:57 am

    I live in the Orlando area also, but travel over to see Laura every so often. It’s been a rough season for her. Thanks for sharing your memories of Laura and Ken.

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